The Happiness Class

Meet Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Dr. Bobby is a Therapist, Marriage Counselor and Board Certified Life Coach, and has both a Master’s Degree and PhD in Counseling Psychology. She is the founder of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching in Denver, Colorado.

She has spent over a decade in private practice researching what works, and helping her clients learn key happiness skills. Now she’s taken the “Best Of” what she teaches her private clients and made it available to you too, through her online Happiness Class.

Take Dr. Bobby’s Online Happiness Class and learn what we teach our private clients about how to create a Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Heart, and Happy Life.

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Grow Into Your Best Self

It's Not Magic.

Happiness is learned. Get the core skills for how to be confident, positive, and effective.

Invest in Yourself

Learn how to love yourself -- so you can be be a stronger, more resilient, and authentically joyful person.


Every strategic session of the Happiness Class changes you, through powerful experiential activities.

Evidence Based Strategies

Each transformational online session offers real-world solutions, based on cutting edge psychological research.

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

The gold standard for treating anxiety and depression.

Health Coaching

The healthy habits that support happiness.

Mindfulness Training

The mindfulness skills that modern research supports.

Acceptance and Commitment

How to respect your feelings, but act from your values.

Positive Psychology

The science behind authentic happiness.


Learning strategies based on how your brain works.

I used to feel upset a lot, or like people were “doing things” to upset me. Now I realize how much control I have over my mind, and my mood. Little things just don’t bother me any more.

- Happiness Class Grad

Here's What You'll Learn

You can enroll in individual units, or take the entire program.


Step #1: Change Your Life, By Changing Your Mind.

Class 1. The Foundation of Happiness: Learn how to harness your untapped power to get control of your thoughts and feelings.

Class 2. Unhealthy Thoughts: Identify the automatic, destructive, toxic thoughts that have been holding you back.

Class 3. Healthy Thoughts: Learn how to love yourself, and be the confident, resilient, positive person you deserve to be.

Class 4. Mindfulness: Practical strategies to help you find peace in the present.

Class 5. Managing Anxiety: Don’t just conquer anxiety. Learn how to make it work for you.

I seriously feel like this class made me a better person. Certainly, a more positive person.

- Happiness Class Grad


Step #2: Strengthen Your Body + Mind Connection

Class 6. Your Happy Body: Uncover the destructive behaviors that have been sabotaging your ability to feel confident and joyful.

Class 7. How to Change Your Habits: Now you know what to change, but how? This revolutionary new perspective will allow you to effortlessly change your habits, and take positive new actions.

Bonus Training 1. Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep: Sleep is the foundation of health. Learn how to get the restorative rest you need to be happy and well. Plus, you’ll get a sleep-inducing guided meditation that will help you fall asleep fast.

Bonus Training 2. Guided Relaxation: Learn how to relax your body and release stress, anytime and anywhere.

The things that Dr. Lisa talked about in the classes was so spot-on that I often felt like the class was written just for me. It really helped me understand myself in a whole new way.

- Former Student


Step #3: Learn To Follow Your Heart

Class 8. Understanding Your Feelings: What are your feelings telling you? Learn how to get in tune with your authentic self.

Class 9. Managing Your Emotions: Learn how to ride the waves of emotion — without feeling overwhelmed.

Class 10. Emotional Guidance: Learn how to take wisdom and guidance from healthy feelings (and “let go” of the unhealthy feelings that will lead you astray).

This class turned my life around. I feel like I got an “upgrade” to my brain!

- Former Student


Step #4: Clarify Your Core Values, and Live a Meaningful Life

Class 11. Happiness Skills: Identify your core values and strengths, and create a new sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Class 12. Advanced Happiness Skills: : Learn how to build a purpose driven life through intentional living.

Putting it All Together– Craft a long-term plan to stay on track, and which tools to use when.

You Can Have it All.

Get instant access to the full Happiness Class, and start changing your Mind, Body, Heart and Life today.

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I use many of the tools I learned from the Happiness Class every day. They sounded simple at first, but when I started using them I understood how powerful they are. The Happiness Class gave me control over my life.

- Happiness Class Grad

How to Use The Happiness Class

You Deserve to Be Happy.

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