• Find the One

    by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
    6 Lessonsin ,
    • Find the One: Online Dating Coaching Program - $89.00
    Find the One - Online Dating Class

    Find The One: Over five information packed classes, you’ll learn how to master the art of modern dating and cultivate a healthy new love. Learn how to get clarity about the kind of relationship that will make you happy, how to attract your ideal date, how to connect with the kind of people you’re looking […]

  • Heal Your Broken Heart

    by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
    • Heal Your Broken Heart Class - $89.00
    • Give HEAL A BROKEN HEART – Our powerful online breakup and divorce recovery program. - $89.00
    breakup recovery heal your broken heart online class

    Heal Your Broken Heart: The online class that helps you release your attachment to your Ex, regain your confidence and inner peace, and move on with your life.

  • Happy Heart Unit

    by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
    3 Lessonsin
    • Happy Heart Unit - $29.00

    Embrace the wisdom of your emotions, and get access to your inner truth. Learn to tell the difference between helpful and unhelpful emotions. Take guidance from feelings worth listening to, and learn how to effectively manage the ones that will pull you down. Develop deeper understanding of your core self, your needs, and your values.

  • Happy Body Unit

    by Mat
    5 Lessonsin

    Harness the power of your mind body connection, and stop sabotaging your happiness and wellbeing. Identify the behaviors that are creating problems for you, and learn how to change your habits by meeting your core needs. Learn how to take your strategic self care to the next level though sleep training skills, and learn how […]

  • Happy Mind Unit

    by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
    5 Lessonsin
    • Happy Mind Unit - $39.00
  • Happy Life Unit

    by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
    3 Lessonsin
    • Happy Life Unit - $29.00

    Live an authentically joyful life by aligning what you do with who you are. Get clear about your core values, and stop chasing things that are meaningless. Learn how to put your time and energy into the things that will bring your life purpose and joy.

  • The Happiness Class

    by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
    15 Lessonsin
    • The Happiness Class - $99.00

    You Can Have it All. Take the entire Happiness Class and learn what happy people know about how to manage your mind, your body, your heart and your life. This powerful course will help you make changes in the most important areas of your life. Personal power and inner peace are achieved through positive action. […]

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