Find the One

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Find The One: Over five information packed classes, you’ll learn how to master the art of modern dating and cultivate a healthy new love. Learn how to get clarity about the kind of relationship that will make you happy, how to attract your ideal date, how to connect with the kind of people you’re looking for, how to wow your first dates, and how to move a promising new relationship forward.

Taught by master dating coach Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, “Find The One” is an effective and affordable alternative to private dating coaching. Dr. Bobby teaches you the same ideas, skills and strategies she teaches her private dating coaching clients. You can be successful with modern dating: Let us show you how.


Find The One: Welcome & Instructions

Welcome to Find The One: The online class that teaches you how to master modern dating. Let’s get started. Watch this welcome video to learn how to use this program, and then we can get to work in helping you find the love you’re looking for.