Happy Mind: The Foundation of Happiness


Welcome to Happiness Class!

I am so thrilled that you’ve made the decision to invest this time and energy into your happiness. The hours that you spend with me over the course of this program have the potential to change your life.

You deserve to be happy. My role is to teach you how. Over the next twelve weeks, I’ll be right by your side and in your ear — coaching you, encouraging you and teaching you. You’ll be learning what genuinely happy people know about how to talk to yourself, how to take care of yourself, how to cultivate inner wisdom, how to create a life worth living, and most importantly of all: How to love yourself.

So let’s get started. This first class teaches you essential information that sets the foundation for many future classes. You’ll learn how your thoughts shape your experience of reality as well as your mood.

Be prepared to take notes, do some writing exercises, and think about your own experiences. Remember, the more you put into these classes the more you’ll get out.

You can either start watching, or open up the editable pdfs I’ve created for you. (Or print them out if you’re a tactile person). If you want to just jump in, go ahead. I’ll prompt you to open up your docs when its time to use them.

Let’s get dive in!
Here you can listen to audio version of this class.

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