The Happiness Class


Your Happiness is Priceless.

It’s also affordable.

Successful people all over the world spend thousands of dollars for private coaching and therapy with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby. But you can get access to the ideas, tools, and strategies that will transform your life in a format that’s fast and convenient at a fraction of the cost.

Enroll in the Happiness Class and get instant access to all of Dr. Bobby’s best advice and practical guidance. Each in-depth class offers a powerful video training (plus audio version, if you prefer to learn on the go), as well as strategic experiential homework assignments designed to help you dig deep and make changes on a core level.

You’ve spent your whole life investing in your education, and your career.  Now it’s time to invest in yourself, and learn how to be the happy, confident, and authentically joyful person you deserve to be. The journey towards your best self begins now…

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You Can Have it All.

Take the entire Happiness Class and learn what happy people know about how to manage your mind, your body, your heart and your life. This powerful course will help you make changes in the most important areas of your life. Personal power and inner peace are achieved through positive action. The Happiness Class is your roadmap to becoming your Best Self.