The Happiness Class

Grow Into Your Best Self



It's Not Magic.

Happiness is learned. Get the core skills for how to be confident, positive, and effective.


Invest in Yourself

Learn how to love yourself -- so you can be be a stronger, more resilient, and authentically joyful person.



Every strategic session of the Happiness Class changes you, through powerful experiential activities.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

Getting in control of your mind is a core skill of authentic happiness.

Class 1. The Foundation of Happiness: Understand the true power of your mind to create your mood, your actions, and your outcomes.

Class 2. Unhealthy Thoughts: Learn how to recognize self-sabatoging thoughts, and how to take your power back.

Class 3. Healthy Thoughts: Learn what healthy thoughts are, and use them to cultivate authentic happiness by developing a supportive and helpful relationship with yourself.

Class 4. Mindfulness: Learn the simplest, easiest way to stay in the present and use the power of reality to maintain your inner equilibrium.

Class 5. Managing Anxiety: Learn the most powerful and effective strategies for finding peace in the present.

I used to feel upset a lot, or like people were “doing things” to upset me. Now I realize how much control I have over my mind, and my mood. Little things just don’t bother me any more.


- Former Student

Harness the power of your Mind + Body connection.

Class 6. Your Happy Body: Learn what you may be doing to sabotage your happiness without even realizing it.

Class 7. How to Change Your Habits: Now you know what to change, but how? This revolutionary new perspective will allow you to let go of unhealthy habits and become the healthy person you want to be.

Bonus Training 1. Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep: Sleep is the foundation of health. Learn how to get the restorative rest you need to be happy and well. Plus, you’ll get a sleep-inducing guided meditation that will help you fall asleep fast.

Bonus Training 2. Guided Relaxation: Learn how to relax your body and soothe stress and anxiety, anytime and anywhere.

This class turned my life around. I feel like I got an “upgrade” to my brain!
- Former Student

Cultivate a healthy relationship with your feelings.

Class 8. Understanding Your Feelings: In this class you’ll gain the emotional awareness you need to become more fully alive and in tune with your core self.

Class 9. Managing Your Emotions: Take control back over your emotions by learning effective strategies to handle them in a healthy and productive way.

Class 10. Emotional Guidance: Learn how to take guidance from your healthy emotions…. and how to identify and disregard unhealthy, unhelpful ones.

I use many of the tools I learned from the Happiness Class every day. They sounded simple at first, but when I started using them I understood how powerful they are. The Happiness Class gave me control over my life.
- Former Student

Live a joyful life full of meaning and purpose.

Class 11. Happiness Skills 101: Learn how to create authentically positive and joyful feelings that will bring you meaning and satisfaction.

Class 12. Advanced Happiness Skills: Make contact with your core values and learn how to build a purpose driven life through intentional living.

Putting it All Together– This final class will teach you how to use everything you’ve learned to maintain your authentic happiness for the long haul.

Meet Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Dr. Bobby is a Therapist, Marriage Counselor and Board Certified Life Coach, and has both a Master’s Degree and PhD in Counseling Psychology. She is the founder of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching in Denver, Colorado.
Dr. Bobby knows what works. She’s spent the last decade in the “lab” of her private practice, identifying what leads to positive change. She’s created this online class to support your work in our Effective Therapy Program.
Not currently a Growing Self therapy client? That’s okay — Dr. Bobby still help you create a Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Heart, and Happy Life.

Evidence Based Strategies

Research shows that when you learn and use key skills, your life changes. You will think, feel, and behave differently.

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

The gold standard for treating anxiety and depression.

Health Coaching

The healthy habits that support happiness.

Mindfulness Training

The mindfulness skills that modern research supports.

Acceptance and Commitment

How to respect your feelings, but act from your values.

Positive Psychology

The science behind authentic happiness.


Learning strategies based on how your brain works.

Let's Move Forward, Together.